What is an Amazon Kindle?

Amazon Kindle is a digital bookstore where you can purchase your favorite books in digital form (mobi format) and enjoy the luxury of having loads of books without having to make space for them in your Home.  You won’t even have to dust them clean or save them from rats and worms!

How to purchase a Kindle Book?

Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular and versatile digital book platforms and you DON’T NEED a Kindle reader to read these books. You can very easily purchase a Kindle book from Amazon Store in your region by using a Web Browser like you do when you are shopping ONLINE.

How to read a Kindle Book?

Since Kindle books are in mobi format (and not pdf or docs) you will need a special software like a Kindle App or Calibre (if you are using Linux OS or older version of Windows OS) to read them.

Calibre is a free downloadable software for Linux OS, Mac OS and Windows and you can do much more (convert, edit etc.) than just read books of many different formats but it will request you to contribute through Donations which is optional.

Amazon Kindle app is absolutely free, read-only, software which will also download and store your Kindle collection on your device. This allows you to READ OFFLINE, i.e, even when you do not have the Internet connectivity.

This App is available for ALL OSs like Apple iPhones, Ipads, and Mac OS, Android OS, Chromebooks as well as Windows 7 and above.  There is, however, none available for Linux OS but one may use Kindle Cloud Reader app on Chromium Browser.

Kindle app comes with amazing customization (bookmark, text highlighting, enlarged font etc.) to suit your personal reading preferences and make reading effortless! You must try this app to know how good it really is!

* all texts highlighted (and underlined) are links to various websites you can download from!

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