WORK SMART – The Ultimate Guide for Personal Effectiveness

Having a Vision, Setting Goals, Planning, Prioritizing, Organizing, Managing Time etc., how important do you think, these are for you to be leading a successful and fulfilling life?

The answer, even from a school going teenager is an obvious one. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

Is there enough information, or knowledge available to an individual in order to learn how to go about adopting these extremely important ways of living?  YES, OF COURSE!

So, are you well organized, planned, and have a vision for your life and set growth-oriented goals, well sorted with your priorities of life, and have managed time for all that is important to you and are leading a fulfilling life?

The answer will be not so obvious and will vary from not-at-all to a defiant yes, or it will be a doubtful maybe to a pretentious “of course”!  But the honest truth in most cases is quite certainly a big NO!

Let me explain this:

Usually, if you are well sorted in personal life, then your professional career may have been compromised. Or your personal health is taking a toll as you do your best in trying to balance various demands at work and at home.

And in all the balancing acts your personal space is reduced to those fleeting moments of cheap entertainment, a drink or two at the bar, social media or to watching your favorite TV show or sport or other addictions.

Yes, you want to be good at home, good to yourself, good to your spouse, children, family, and, of course, you want to be great at work too!  But, balancing all of this and doing justice to all your commitments seem impossible and anyone who claims to have got it all set right must either be a liar or a superhuman! Isn’t it?

You do not ever seem to have time or energy to meet all of life’s demands and yet there are others who seem to be able to do a lot more. How?

If you would like to be on top of everything in life and are willing to believe that it is possible for you to learn to do so, read on.

What you are about to read is nothing exceptional in terms of its contents. It has been written or said many times by different people and I have borrowed many of those ideas and concepts to drive my point that’s all.

I have tried to present my perspective using known, freely available or even cliched concepts so that you will find it easier to carry on with practicing and adapting these ideas, revising them or even researching as and when you feel the need.

All that I am trying to do here is, inspire you to take charge of your life with more energy, enthusiasm, and ownership. I’m doing so because I know it can be done.

Like I learned it, you too can learn a way of living an extraordinary life with ordinary intelligence. You don’t have to be or do anything exceptional but will be required to see things radically differently and do enough to start believing in what you think.



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