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Amazon Kindle Tutorials

Kindle Cloud Reader Demo:

Kindle Cloud Reader is so useful that it will make a Kindle book your first choice in digital books. It is so effortless in reading and storing, you can now read tons of material without any strain and carry them with you too!

This video tutorial will guide you to get your Kindle Cloud Reader on your browser and experience the pleasure of effortless reading. Furthermore, all your books are in one place, ready for access on ANY DEVICE! You even get OFFLINE access to all your material!

Kindle Cloud Reader on Firefox:

Kindle Cloud Reader is simply awesome! May it be Chrome, Chromium, Safari or Firefox browser, you can now access all your kindle books and enjoy effortless reading. Just follow this tutorial and get you Kindle Cloud Reader, now!

How to buy a kindle book?

This simple tutorial will teach how you can, easily, purchase and read a kindle book from Amazon Kindle Store. Just follow these simple instructions and get your kindle copy, now!

Transcript of the Subtitle:

Hi! this is a tutorial on ‘how to buy a kindle book?’ Just follow this video and purchase your copy, now! You can start with downloading the free sample! (no sweat!)

You can read the free sample on your browser using the free Kindle Cloud Reader which is free! You will, however, need a Amazon account. So, signup and get one
You can read your kindle book in as many as 6 different devices. Kindle will store all of your purchases in one common library which you can access from any of your devices OFFLINE too!

A free sample will only have a few pages. A kindle book is very reader friendly
You can navigate using the Table of Contents and can use the mouse or the arrow keys on your computer keyboard.

Let me walk you through the steps once more. login with your account ID and password and make your purchase. Your Kindle will be delivered instantly!

You can also read millions of kindle books for a small amount by subscribing to Kindle Unlimited (KU), but the books will only be with you for a specified period since you don’t purchase any book so, no purchase rights!

Go buy your kindle book, now!!

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