My life is and what I do with it is my Business and in that sense I am a Businessman.


Fundamental Research in Education and Training Solutions (FRET Solutions) is my initiative in main steam corporate training and public seminary and I wish to extend it to cover basic education at school and university level.

FRET Solutions is my intention of creating pragmatic learning solutions that easy to imbibe in our daily lives.  It aims to demystify knowledge and intelligence such that ANYONE CAN LEARN, anything!

My 15 plus years of working with various groups has been extremely satisfying and fills me with the confidence that anyone can learn, anything if learning is made fun and joy.  It takes just a little effort in creating a learning environment where the audience get in touch with their latent natural ability of learning which has been the driving force behind our progress as human society.

Rote learning, which is surely an effective method of learning certain subjects, topics or skills, has severe limitations in the development of human intelligence in applying it.  Most learning environments do not provide or even discourage development of such intelligence.  Invent and Innovate maybe the new Industrial catch phrase across the Globe but Organisations and Institutions aren’t achieving much in this direction.  The reason is that Industry today is run by people trained in social system which never allowed boundless thinking and experimentation.

An education system where:

  • the race is for grades, ranks and g.p.a,
  • the focus is in assessment and not development,
  • the best friend is a competitor too,
  • you will be judged by an nominated authority,
  • you are not recognised for your contributions but for your scores,
  • you are put under so much pressure to conform that learning becomes a burden,

cannot be expected to produce leaders and the led, who can carry the flag of Invention and Innovation! Nay!

It is a pity that modern education system, world over, is still quite unscientific and quite downright primitive in its methods and is usually the last to adopt new teaching technologies and tools.  Even the ones that are tried are either capital intensive, ill researched into  and hence ineffective. Many ancient cultures and societies seem to have done better for themselves.

FRET Solutions is my dream:

  • to reach one and all and inspire learning.
  • take human values from survival to contribution, competition to surpetition.
  • to make people proud of their learning abilities rather than knowledge.
  • that, not knowing becomes the stepping stone for learning, not submission.
  • that everyone does what they love to and love what they do.
  • that each one readily embraces the pain of discipline and not suffer the pain of regret.
  • we, as a human race, blossom to our truest potential and evolve.

As FRET Solutions, I have made in roads through my corporate programs.  I now look forward to interactions with parents, students, teachers and administration of Schools, Colleges, Universities and other Institutions.

If you or anyone you know, can support, guide and benefit through this endeavour, write in the comment section below.

To know more about FRET Solutions and corporate training programs kindly visit or click here.






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