My life is and what I do with it is my Business and in that sense I am a Businessman.


“Learning requires, not aptitude, talent or intelligence but your willingness to back yourself up and go through the grind.  You are born to learn (naturally) and learning anything requires only your commitment to do so.  What one human can do, others can learn to do too.”

– Sundar Gopalakrishnan

G. Sundar, a Corporate Trainer, Public Speaker, Relationship Coach, has been studying human excellence and performance motivation for almost two decades and has his unique perspective to offer. Being a voracious reader from a very young age Sundar has been a keen student of Human Behaviour, Sociology and Philosophy.

His workshops, seminars and training programs clearly exhibit his in depth understanding of a wide spectrum of concerns, concepts/ competencies where he merges ancient wisdom with scientific research and explains in an easy to understand modern phrase. For someone who does not know him, it may seem impossible that one individual can have such in-depth knowledge of so many varied subjects.

A public speaker par excellence,  fluent in English, Hindi and Tamil, Sundar keeps his audience engaged in conversations deeper than most would ever imagine, may the numbers be 20 or 200. Covering a wide range of audiences like students, teachers, parents, workers and senior executive, these authentic, honest to one-self conversations are both liberating as well as empowering.

G. Sundar, a graduate in Business Administration took up a marketing career and has served various companies like AKG Acoustics, Dolby Labs, Phoenix Lamps, Surya Roshni, and Candela Electric etc. and has earned the distinction of being “the first” on many occasions. He has also had a very close association with NGOs and has contributed substantially.

CORPORATE TRAINING: His exposure in imparting skills ranges from Spoken English, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills and Public Speaking ….  To .. Leadership, Team Management, Organisational Development (OD) and Kaizen etc.

OUT BOUND LEARNING: Sundar, an ardent traveler and a keen adventurer, has conducted over 300 Out Bound Learning (O.B.L) interventions and has the distinction of having conducted many O.B.L s with more than 200 participants in them.

WELFARE PROGRAMS: These include Student Empowerment programs, Parenting, Relationship programs for husbands and wives.

RELATIONSHIP COACH: Relationship Coaching is an exclusive individual coaching and counselling for those seeking personal excellence in Life. The identity as well as the content of conversations including concerns and solutions are kept strictly confidential.