My life is and what I do with it is my Business and in that sense I am a Businessman.

eBooks by Me

My books are extensions of my workshops and seminars. I have tried and put in my best effort to share my research, insights, personal as well as professional experiences on the subject. My books soon to be published are:

A Case for Self Compassion

 Now Available on Amazon Kindle    button_shop-now

 Now Available on Amazon Kindle and  Google Playbooks and Play Store

You Can Purchase PDF versions from 


Soon to be Released:

prati prasav cover      aura book cover         The personality model

A Conversation for Action and Results

It is also my wish to provide support to the readers of each of my books, a platform to share their experiences of the book and to get clarifications to doubts and questions that arise.

To do just that, I have created a resources page for each of my books where I can additional blogs, thoughts, and exercises, as well as invite my readers to post their comments and queries.

Each book of mine will contain a link to its resource page along with the password required to gain access.

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