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A Case for Self Compassion

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“What you know Changes you.  What you learn Enlightens you. What you share Transforms you!”

 Sundar Gopalakrishnan

About the book:

All of us seek newer and more effective formulae for success and fulfillment but strangely only a few seem to achieve fulfillment. This book inquires into why that is so and attempts to provide the missing knowledge and the key elements that can lead you to the path of personal excellence and extraordinary success.

It describes a vital factor, an important brain phenomenon, that makes adapting to a fitness routine, a healthy lifestyle change or any a new practice, so difficult. This knowledge along with the strategies suggested in the book can free you from leading a life of a procrastinator.

There are chapters which are dedicated to socio-economic conditioning and the harm it has already caused you. It draws your attention towards life’s essentials that only you can care to provide for yourself.

The Author has shared a critical viewpoint on industry induced consumerism and has highlighted the inherent dangers and candidly placed the responsibility of maintaining the balance on you, the individual.

Drawing inspiration from his passion for distance running, the author has enlisted 25 new but simple approaches to life and all of them combined will give you the winning edge, your 100 miles mindset.

He has provided a step by step guide to put into practice, these 25 strategies to maximize your returns. However, even one of these will change your life in many positive ways.

This book urges you to get comfortable being yourself, to embrace your imperfections and  to grow at your own pace. It gives you a perspective to connect with the real you, the inner child  – to emerge and shine, like the face on the Book Cover.

You are unique. There is no one like you on this planet. No one but you can make the right decisions for you.

The 100 miles mindset is a gift you deserve. Try it and you will be thankful for it.


Anyone who,

  • Is an individual and wants a self development or self- improvement technique that will not fail;
  • Is a parent and wishes to provide correct guidance to his/her children;
  • Is a counsellor, coach or a mentor and wants to help someone;
  • Is looking for a formula for success and fulfillment;
  • has a dream project that he/she desires to take up;
  • wants peace and prosperity in life;
  • wants to work on his/her health and fitness;
  • is suffering from chronic illness or is recovering from an accident;
  • prolonged ailment or any other medical condition;
  • is retired or about to retire from a job;
  • wants to learn the ultimate motivation technique;


“The proof of the pudding is in eating it” and you are looking at THE PROOF, that the techniques prescribed in this book work like a charm!

This book is the proof that self compassion and the 100 miles mindset


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