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Prati Prasav Sadhana

PRATI PRASAV SADHANA, an ancient meditation technique for spiritual transformation, the English edition, is currently on the finishing table and is soon to be published on Amazon Kindle and its paperback version will also be available on Amazon. Soon to be translated in Hindi, Tamil and other languages.

A Brief outline of the book…

Prati Prasav Sadhana is one of the most ancient but little known meditation practice.  It is a complete DIY (Do-it-yourself) relaxation and regression therapy.

There are 10 major benefits listed in the book that one can enjoy through this practice and the list is seriously not exhaustive.

Besides teaching you the technique, the author has preempted many of the questions that are likely to arise from the practice and has addressed them in his eloquent, conversational style which makes reading and absorbing the book quite effortless.

Written with great emphasis on understanding and preparing for a personal journey of self knowledge, spiritual transformation and liberation, the book explains many Vedic phrases, terms, concepts and spiritual methods  in simple and pragmatic language with sufficient scientific reasoning.

The book will challenge many of the existing beliefs or myths about meditation and vedic traditions, but only with the intent of supporting necessary changes in one’s belief patterns and aid inner transformation.

The technique itself is so simple that, without the in-depth knowledge, which this book provides and the practice prescribed therein, one would not even get a whiff of its magic, its transformational capabilities; its real potential. If you judge this ‘book by its cover’ you will miss the magic for sure.

This book is designed to teach a complete process, a spiritual practice with the Meditation Technique also taught alongside and not the other way around.  The entire process has to be understood well for you experience and recognize the miracles that are caused by this practice.

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