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The Personality Model

The Personality Model The Science of creating the new, You!


Developing one’s personality is very easily one of the most fundamental human needs after food, water and shelter. Finding your place in this world, amongst people, tribe or society must surely be a primal need and much research has been shared and much more opined. But the quest still remains an individual journey.

A journey that you alone can undertake with none other for company.

It is also true that no one, yes, none ever born has ever been free from this quest. May you be born to a king or a pauper, amongst the aboriginals or the urbanites, you will still have to partake this search, this journey of self-discovery.

Every creature born on this earth has a personality that ‘gets developed’ inadvertently. May it be a tree, bird, animal or a human being. If you have had pups at home or horses or any other cattle, you will know this for sure. It is a very deep-rooted instinct in order for you to survive.

What is Personality?  

Persona, a Latin word, means the guise or mask, that actors wear on stage (in a theater) to enact different characters. And on this stage of the world called life, amongst other human beings, your persona or personality is actually the behavioral mask or guise that you use to enact a character in order to be acceptable or appropriate or safe.

It is your behavioral adaptation in order to maintain yourself in your environment.  It is your way of being with other human beings known and not known to you. It is a set of consistent behaviors that you exhibit in life. Your belief patterns, formed by your interpretations of past experiences and opinions of others in the formative stages, are the basis of these behaviors.

Personality is your defense mechanism fundamentally to ward off negative consequences and prospective risks. It is also your winning formula to make possible gains. These Gains should also be viewed as further armor accumulated as an insurance for future risks or dangers.

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