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The Cover Story

The Cover Story – A Case for Self Compassion by Sundar Gopalakrishnan

The Cover Story – Colors on the face are representing the plethora of situations (good/bad, sad/happy, favorable /unfavorable) one undergoes in one’s lifetime.

The smile and shine in the eyes are illustrative of victory or satisfaction of having emerged through everything while maintaining one’s equanimity – balance in life.

This book urges you to be comfortable with yourself, to grow at your own pace. It gives you a perspective to connect with the real you, the inner child  – to emerge and shine, like the face on the cover –

Are you game?

Voice Over: Priti K Sundar
Photo credits:
Video Production, Concept and Editing: Sundar Gopalakrishnan
Music Credits: Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution, Music by

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